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We Work Closely With Victims Of Racial Discrimination

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Employees across all industries deserve fair and equal treatment under California and federal law regardless of racial background or national origin. When employers break the law and discriminate due to these factors, they must be held accountable. With decades of combined experience and a track record of securing results for our clients, Barrera & Associates offers dedicated and passionate representation for workers across the greater Los Angeles area.

If you believe you may be a victim of racial bias in the workplace, please call our firm today to set up an initial consultation. Learn about your rights and how we can help secure justice in your case.

Zero Tolerance For Racial Or National Origin Discrimination In The Workplace

Racial or ethnic bias in the workplace often hides under a subtext of other illegal behavior or unethical practices. Some examples of racial discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Excluding minorities from promotion consideration
  • Inequitable access to training resources for members of minority groups
  • Inappropriate comments, jokes and other behaviors that are meant to demean another employee based on race or national origin
  • Members of a minority group receiving lower wages than other workers for the same job

Much like other cases of discrimination based on sexual preference or age, racial discrimination requires substantial proof to support a claim. We recommend you meticulously document your interactions with the offenders and the steps you took to remedy the situation, including addressing grievances with the offender and your human resources department. Then please pick up the phone and call our experienced trial lawyers to learn about your rights and discover your available courses of action.

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We stand side-by-side with clients from diverse backgrounds and across multiple occupations. Racial discrimination has no place in today’s workplace, and our attorneys are ready to stand up for your rights and pursue optimal results in your case. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation to learn more. Call 424-352-0716 or contact our team via email. Our founding attorney, Pat Barrera, is fluent in Spanish — se habla español.