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Workplace discrimination focused on an individual’s sexual orientation is against the law. However, many employers continue to violate this law by firing an individual or refusing to hire someone they believe to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. At Barrera & Associates, we are proud to take on these cases and fight for your right to work in a discrimination-free environment. We champion the rights of employees throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of El Segundo, California.

We Hold Employers Responsible For Discrimination In The Workplace

If you are a victim of workplace discrimination due to your sexual preference, please contact our lawyers today to arrange a consultation. Some common examples of LGBT discrimination by an employer include:

  • Establishment of a hostile work environment that tolerates harassment of a sexual nature or sex-based discrimination
  • Retaliating against an employee who complains of discriminatory practices on the job
  • Preventing an employee from accessing advancement, training programs or other resources offered to others based solely on gender identity
  • Denying employment, promotion or benefits to an individual based only on sexual orientation

Extensive Preparation To Secure Results For Our Clients

Cases involving discrimination targeting an individual’s sexual orientation are complex and often require tangible proof of violation of the law. Our attorneys’ extensive experience and knowledge of employment discrimination in California help secure results for our clients. We are passionate about employee rights, and we take a litigation approach for every case to ensure maximum preparation. This approach helps our clients fight for compensation and remedies to help resolve legal concerns.

Call Today To Work Closely With An LGBT Discrimination Attorney In Los Angeles

Our successful team leverages decades of professional legal experience to help our clients fight to secure optimal results. Reach us today to schedule an initial consultation to examine the details of your case. Contact our El Segundo office right now via email or by calling 424-352-0716. Our lead attorney, Pat Barrera, is fluent in Spanish. Se habla español.