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As a premier employment law and litigation firm serving clients across the greater Los Angeles area, Barrera & Associates leverages decades of knowledge to represent clients in class-action lawsuits. We tenaciously fight to protect the rights of workers seeking compensation for work performed or to secure adequate meal and rest breaks.

If you or your co-workers face unfair treatment in the workplace, please reach out to our El Segundo firm right away to set a date for an initial consultation. Let our team of professional attorneys examine the full details of your case. We provide experienced legal counsel and are ready to discuss the full range of your available options.

Do You Have A Class-Action Case For Wage And Hour Lawsuits?

If your employer is breaking California or federal wage and hour laws, then you may have a class-action case. A class-action case involves more than one individual who has been paid unfairly in the workplace. A group of employees can band together to pursue one case against their employer in court. You and your co-workers may be eligible for a class-action claim if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Lower than minimum wages
  • Unpaid compensation for overtime work performed
  • Nonreimbursed employee expenses
  • Employee misclassification
  • Additional violations of labor codes

Stand Together From A Position Of Strength

We understand that employees are often reluctant to work together to obtain justice from a dishonest employer; however, when employees stand together, cases often hold more weight in a courtroom. Class-action suits can become a strong tool to initiate reform and help hold employers accountable for their actions. Contact our law firm today to discuss the possibility of fighting together for violations of your rights or to ask employment law questions.

We take a litigation approach to every case to maximize preparation and secure results. We utilize mock trials to prepare our clients to fight to secure their right to fair compensation and hours. We will never leave you unprepared or alone in court.

Call Today To Set Up A Consultation With A Professional Employment Class-Action Attorney

Our successful team has a proud decade-long history of working together to fight for the rights of workers across California. Our tenacious representation and intimate knowledge of employment law yields results for our clients. Reach out to our El Segundo office today to discuss the details of your case during an initial consultation. Reach us at 424-352-0716 or send our team an email to receive answers to your questions.

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