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Factors To Consider In Whistleblower Claims

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Employees who discover their employer is in violation of federal or state laws often fear reprisal for bringing this information forward to law enforcement. Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect workers from adverse action from an employer after initiating a complaint of wrongdoing. These whistleblower laws help prevent retaliation against workers who report illegal activities.

If you plan to file a whistleblower claim as a worker with knowledge of illegal activities in your workplace, it is essential that you seek the counsel of a professional and experienced law firm. At Barrera & Associates, our team possesses intimate knowledge of employment and whistleblower laws in California. We leverage a decade of experience to help protect your rights throughout the entire process.

Types Of Whistleblower Cases

Whistleblowers may file complaints about a wide range of alleged violations of laws, including:

Regardless of the type of claim you plan to submit, you must take extreme caution to protect your rights throughout the process. Our law firm leverages extensive knowledge of state and federal whistleblower laws to protect you from reprisal. Learn more when you reach our office.

Contact Our Firm To Protect Yourself From Employer Retaliation

Our Los Angeles whistleblower attorneys are ready to stand in your corner throughout your whistleblower complaint to protect you from retaliation. We provide the passionate representation clients across California need to address a full range of employment law matters. Please connect with our El Segundo office today at 424-352-0716 or send our office a secure email with your contact information to set a date for an initial consultation. Se habla español — founding attorney Pat Barrera speaks Spanish.