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Top Five Reasons Workers Are Underpaid By An Employer

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All workers, regardless of income level or industry, deserve to earn fair wages to pay bills, maintain adequate housing and provide for a family. However, some employers take advantage of employees by failing to provide adequate compensation for the work they perform.

If you receive inappropriate compensation from an employer, first attempt to address your concern with a supervisor or human resources department. If you cannot resolve the situation, please contact Barrera & Associates. We take a litigation approach to every case to help ensure maximum preparation for our clients.

We Fight For Fair Wages From An Employer

The following five circumstances often contribute to workers’ failure to achieve appropriate compensation for their labor:

  1. Fear of asking for a raise: Most employees find it difficult to negotiate on their behalf to ask for wage increases. This failure is often due to a fear of reprisal or firing.
  2. Lack of understanding of what constitutes fair pay for their position: Some job titles do not adequately represent workers’ actual jobs. Employees may also be misclassified and therefore underpaid.
  3. Failure to align job responsibilities with compensation: Employers take advantage of workers by hiring them to perform a particular job but then adding additional responsibilities over time without increasing wages.
  4. Unpaid wages: Employees may work off the clock or during breaks without receiving pay for it. Some workers may not know they should be paid for time spent traveling and waiting for work.
  5. Discrimination against workers: Some employers may discriminate against their employees, paying some workers lower wages based on gender, sexual preference, age, ethnicity, national origin or disability.

California and federal laws protect workers against unfair payment practices. Workers across the greater Los Angeles area trust our lawyers to stand up for their right to adequate compensation for their labor. We are a premier litigation and employment law firm focused on advocating for our clients with passionate and robust representation.

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