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What Constitutes Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

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Sexual harassment is a serious societal issue, which has recently been brought into the national spotlight. Nearly every industry segment struggles with addressing sexual harassment concerns. From entry-level jobs to the highest levels of corporate leadership and beyond, no sector is immune. Regardless of the work center, sexual harassment can lead to a toxic environment where individuals experience violations of their federally guaranteed rights.

At Barrera & Associates, our skilled lawyers tenaciously defend victims of sexual harassment. We leverage decades of professional employment law litigation experience to serve our diverse clientele across the greater Los Angeles area.

Identifying Types Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment often occurs in conjunction with other forms of workplace harassment directed at minorities, elderly and pregnant workers. Most businesses maintain a zero-tolerance policy to help combat sexual harassment. Unfortunately, this policy is often not sufficient to dissuade harassers from exhibiting behavior that constitutes sexual harassment. This behavior can include:

  • Sexually charged inappropriate remarks: Jokes, comments or sexually fueled language directed at an employee’s physical appearance or repeatedly asking an employee for a romantic engagement
  • Quid pro quo: Rewards such as promotions, time off or other advantages offered in exchange for sexual favors
  • Touching or groping: Violation of an employee’s personal space as well as unwanted physical contact
  • Reprisals: Termination of employment, demotions or reduction in duties from an employer after an individual initiates a sexual harassment claim

Passionate Legal Counsel To Protect Employees’ Rights

If you or a co-worker experiences the stress and anxiety of sexual harassment on the job, please reach out to our experienced attorneys right away. We are here to help you through this challenging time and to navigate the complex legal process to fight for the justice you deserve. Our firm will stand by your side throughout your case and tenaciously fight to secure optimal results for the pain and humiliation you suffered. Reach out to our office in El Segundo, California, right away by calling 424-352-0716 or start a conversation with our professional attorneys through email.

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