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Did your employer fail to make reasonable accommodations for your disability?

Federal law requires the vast majority of employers to offer reasonable accommodations to disabled workers under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Just a few minor adjustments in the workplace may give disabled applicants a more solid pathway to secure a job and the ability to perform their duties as well as any non-disabled employee. 

Disability discrimination is illegal. Employers who fail to offer reasonable accommodations may expose themselves to legal liability.

When must employers offer reasonable accommodations?

There are three areas of employment that the ADA addresses. Under the rules:

  • Employers must provide all prospective employees with equal opportunities to apply for a vacancy.
  • Disabled workers must be given the opportunity to perform their essential job functions.
  • Disabled employees must also receive the same employment privileges and benefits that all other employees receive. 

Any failing along these lines constitutes a violation of the law.

Know that your request for productivity enhancers, such as an ergonomic workstation, accessible restroom or ramp, shouldn’t ever be seen by your employer as special treatment as these may be helpful to all employees. A request for a flexible schedule isn’t special treatment either for much the same reason. 

How should you proceed if you were denied reasonable accommodations?

There are both California and federal laws on the books that make it unlawful for El Segundo employers to discriminate against disabled workers. When an employer ignores those laws, they need to be held accountable. An attorney can provide guidance as to which ones may apply to your situation and help you understand what steps you should take next to pursue your claim. 

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