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No, you shouldn’t stay quiet if you’ve face racial discrimination

No one should have to struggle with racial discrimination on the job. It’s your right to work in a safe environment and to work somewhere without harassment or discrimination. 

Unfortunately, not all businesses are free of discrimination. If you deal with it, it’s important that you speak up and tell human resources. It’s also important that you make it clear that the discrimination you’re facing is not acceptable

If discrimination is happening in your workplace, what can your employer do to help?

Your employer should review important ways to be kind and respectful to one another with the staff and set the tone for the company’s environment. Some expectations your employer should set include:

  • Being professional in conduct and speech to all co-workers
  • Refusing to condone discrimination or harassment (or to allow it once it occurs)
  • To avoid culturally offensive harassment or discrimination based on race

Your employer should always respect your cultural or racial differences in your workplace. If you believe that something they have done is discriminatory, it’s worth talking to them about it and asking for changes. Some employers may not be aware that what they’ve done is discriminatory. 

On the other hand, if you have reported the issue with discrimination and did not see any resolutions, then it’s time to speak up for yourself. Your HR department, manager or the company’s owner should take care of those issues and make sure that they don’t happen again. If your attempts at finding a resolution have failed and you continue to deal with discrimination or harassment, then it may be time to take your information and documentation to an attorney’s office for review. Employers can face significant penalties for allowing discrimination in the workplace, and you have a right to file a claim if they will not take steps to protect you. 


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