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Officers claim discrimination, sexism and biased policing in Tupelo

In an interesting story out of California, former officers of the Tupelo Police Department have made claims that the police department has rampant workplace sexism, cronyism and biased policing. Three officers have sued the department on four separate occasions since 2016, and the city has actually settled three of the four lawsuits. The latest lawsuit is still ongoing.

In each case, the individuals filed employment claims. Some included claims of workplace discrimination that hindered promotions or resulted in transfers or terminations. Two of the officers who have sued are women, both who claim that women still aren’t being seen as equals in law enforcement.

One of the women, who is an officer with over 20 years of experience, claims that she lost a promotion to sergeant to a candidate who was less qualified. She believes that the decision was based in racism and was discriminatory, since she’s African American. Another female officer claimed that qualifications for promotions were often changed so that certain preferred candidates could be moved up while hindering others.

The officers involved in the latest lawsuit have also argued that there is an unspoken ticket quota, which is generally seen as unprofessional in the industry.

Situations like this are interesting, because they show that discrimination and employment issues can happen to anyone and in any industry. If you’re a victim of discrimination or a wrongful termination, you maintain the right to pursue legal options. You may be able to recover compensation and hold others responsible for their negative actions.

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