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Is the California minimum wage different from city to city?

Federal and state wage and hour laws are confusing to many members of the U.S. workforce. Since these laws are subject to rapid change, it creates even more confusion.

California has some of the most beneficial (for employees) wage and hour laws. However, an employer could still underpay you. Staying abreast of current and future wage laws can ensure your fair treatment.

What is the statewide minimum wage?

As of January 1, 2023, all employers in California must pay a minimum wage of $15.50 per hour, a .50 increase from 2022. Another recent change to state wage and hour laws is that employers must pay all employees the new minimum wage, regardless of the size of their staff. Before 2023, employers with 25 or fewer workers only had to pay $14.00 per hour.

Can cities or counties have different minimum wages?

Yes, as long as employees receive at least $15.50 per hour, different regions can set their own minimum wage requirements. The current minimum wage in Los Angeles County is between $15.96 and $16.04 per hour. In July 2023, the hourly pay rate will increase to $16.78.

Other California regions:

  • Mountain View – $18.15
  • Oakland – $15.97
  • San Jose – $17.00
  • West Hollywood – $17.00 to $17.50
  • East Palo Alto – $16.50
  • Long Beach – $16.55 to $16.73

Many jurisdictions will again raise the minimum wage on July 1, 2023. Remember to check local employment laws when this date rolls around to ensure your wages remain fair.

If your employer fails to correct your unlawful pay rate despite your efforts to get what you deserve, it might be time to seek a legal opinion. With guidance, you can obtain the rate of pay all California workers are due.

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