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What can you do if you suspect your pay was short?

There are a few work-related conversations as emotive as what a worker is being compensated for work done. Of course, money is never everything, but it is one of the primary reasons why you wake up to go to work every morning. 

So, what can you do if you suspect you aren’t being properly paid for your time? Here are a few steps you should take if you learn that your paycheck is short

Audit your paycheck for common clerical errors

Unintentional payroll errors can result in your receiving less pay than you deserve. Some of the errors you might want to look out for while auditing your paycheck include:

  • Accuracy of the work hours
  • Accuracy in the rate of pay
  • Whether overtime pay was calculated correctly
  • Any unusual deductions on your paycheck

Once you have identified potential errors on your paycheck, go ahead and highlight them for redress with the payroll department. 

Report the mistake to the payroll department

Simple clerical errors can be resolved at the payroll department. All you need to do is visit the department to discuss the errors. Ideally, the payroll department will fix the error and include the payment in your next paycheck. 

Seek help if you need it with your wage claim

Most payroll mistakes are just mistakes. If your employer corrects the issue and pays you what you are due, the problem is solved. If, however, your employer won’t hear your concerns or refuses to adjust your paycheck to the correct amount, you need to know more about your legal options. You deserve every penny you’ve earned.


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