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Are you being targeted for workplace retaliation?

You are an employee who has just complained to your company’s human resources department, as well as your supervisor, about mistreatment you are receiving from one of the organization’s higher-ups. This person has been rude and condescending to you on a number of occasions and you have had your fill of this behavior. You documented everything and now you are hoping for a resolution.

Unfortunately, what you got instead was a big dose of classic workplace retaliation.

Be vigilant when it comes to these signs of retaliation

Like harassment and discrimination, retaliation has unmistakable indications. Telltale signs such as these may mean that you are being singled out by someone at work who is trying to hurt you professionally for making a totally valid complaint:

  • You are given undesirable shifts or hours. You formerly got choice assignments and shifts. Now, you are told to come in late at night or do menial tasks. You are getting the duties nobody else wants.
  • You are threatened and bullied. One employee has begun spreading nasty, backbiting gossip about you to damage your reputation. Others jump on the bandwagon.
  • Your hours or pay are reduced. You can’t get a straight answer when you ask why this is happening. It feels like punishment.
  • You are ostracized. All of a sudden, you are not invited to meetings you used to be included in. Your opinions are not sought anymore. You are on the fringes of things rather than being in the thick of them.
  • You were in line for a raise or promotion, then left out in the cold. You were given many indications that you were on the verge of a nice, well-deserved raise or promotion. Abruptly, no one talks to you about it. In fact, the same people who had been so enthused about moving you up the ladder won’t look you in the eye.
  • You are terminated. After working hard for years and getting strongly positive feedback, you are out on the street.

Don’t put up with workplace retaliation

You do have recourse. Stand up for your job and your rights. No one is allowed to get back at you for filing a complaint or otherwise exercising your legal rights.

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