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Trends in age discrimination: Getting older in the workplace

As you get older, you may notice that the way you’re treated on the job changes. While that shouldn’t happen, it’s an unfortunate part of the aging process.

New employees might nickname you “grandma” or “grandpa,” or your employer may start taking tasks away from you and giving them to younger workers. That is frustrating, and it could be a sign of age discrimination.

Age discrimination is illegal

Age discrimination is not legal, and you should not allow it to be used against you in the workplace. You have the opportunity to speak up if you feel that you’re being discriminated against. Your employer should take your claims seriously.

What are some types of age discrimination that take place in the workplace?

Some common kinds of age discrimination that take place in the workplace include:

  • Unfair discipline
  • Harassment and unwelcome commentary
  • Unfavorable comparisons and favoritism
  • Discriminatory policies
  • A halt to all raises
  • Sudden claims of performance issues despite no issues in the past

Any of these have the potential to make your workplace a place where you feel abused and hurt.

How many people have to deal with age discrimination?

Based on a study by Senior Living, around 18% of people surveyed between the ages of 40 and 60 admitted to experiencing age-related discrimination on the job. Once those individuals reached 60 and older, 24% reported being discriminated against because of their age.

By extrapolating from the study, it was found that an estimated 18 million Americans over the age of 40 have experienced age discrimination in the workplace. The industries that most commonly saw discrimination included in business, government and retail.

Recognize age discrimination to protect yourself

It’s smart to learn more about age discrimination, so that you can protect yourself if you’re discriminated against in the workplace. This kind of discrimination is not legal, and there are actions that you can take to fight back against it. Your employer needs to take steps to eliminate discrimination. Failing to do so may make it possible for you to file a lawsuit against them for all the hassle you’ve gone through in your workplace.

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