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Important facts to know about workplace sexual harassment

Going to work each day should not have you worried about how you will be treated by supervisors or co-workers. You are supposed to be able to do your job freely and without harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious problem in workplaces all throughout California.

Below, you will find some important facts about sexual harassment in the workplace so you know what it is you are dealing with on a regular basis.

The most important facts you need to know about sexual harassment include the following:

  • The person conducting the harassment can be the supervisor of the victim, a supervisor from another department, a contractor of the employer, a vendor, a co-worker or even someone who is not an employee who happened to be in the office that day.
  • The harasser and the victim can be either male or female. It is not a requirement for the victim to be of a different sex than the harasser.
  • The conduct of the harasser must be unwelcome.
  • Sexual harassment is unlawful even when it does not cause economic damages to the victim.
  • A victim of sexual harassment did not have to be the direct target of the conduct. Instead, it could be someone who witnessed the conduct and felt uncomfortable or offended.

Aside from filing a complaint with a supervisor or human resources department, the victim should also tell the harasser that their conduct is not welcome.

As you can see, sexual harassment can happen to anyone and can be committed by anyone. You need to be on the lookout for signs of sexual harassment while at work. If you experience this type of harassment, it’s important to report it and document every single instance.

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