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How to prove you are suffering from wage discrimination

Wage discrimination is a serious problem facing many people in California. Even though laws are in place that protect workers from all forms of discrimination, employers still try to pay their employees different wages for different reasons other than their qualifications or experience level. Today, we will discuss how you can prove you are the victim of wage discrimination.

In order to prove wage discrimination under the Equal Pay Act, you will be required to show that the job you are working is equal to the job held by a counterpart of the opposite sex. You will also be required to show that the work you perform is done under comparable working conditions, and it is done in the same establishment.

If you are claiming wage discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, you will not be required to prove that your job is comparable to that of a job held by a counterpart of the opposite sex. Instead, your employer can simply be held liable for wage discrimination even if there is no employee of the opposite sex.

Under Title VII, you must show that you belong to a protected group of employees under the law, that you have the qualifications to hold the position you currently hold and that your employer is discriminating against you with your wages because you are a member of a protected group.

Being able to prove that you are the victim of wage discrimination can help you receive the wages you rightfully deserve. Make sure you have plenty of evidence of discrimination and have reported your issue to human resources. It’s always important to have a record of your complaint before moving forward with any legal action.

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