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What can’t employers deduct from your paycheck?

Among the things that can cut into how much money a worker takes home are deductions. There are a range of deductions workers could find taken from their paychecks by their employer. Take, for example, a deduction pretty much all workers are familiar with, deductions for taxes.

It is important to note though that employers can’t simply deduct whatever they want from an employee’s wages. Here in California, workers have rights and protections when it comes to deductions.

There are rules on when employers are allowed to deduct from an employee’s paycheck. There are also a wide range of things that state law does not allow employers to make deductions for. Examples of things employers in California generally can’t deduct from employee wages include:

  • Tips
  • The cost of required medical or physical exams
  • The cost of required work uniforms
  • The cost of required photographs
  • Business expenses

Unfortunately, instances can arise in which employers fail to follow these rules and make wage deductions that they shouldn’t. Wrongful deductions are very harmful to employees, as they keep workers from getting all of the wages they deserve. No person should have to face having the pay he or she worked hard for wrongfully taken away.

When employees suspect that deductions taken from their paychecks were unlawful, they may want to promptly discuss the deductions with a skilled employment law attorney. Such lawyers can help workers determine if their wage rights were likely violated and give them guidance on what steps can be taken next.

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