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Important facts to know about workplace sexual harassment

Going to work each day should not have you worried about how you will be treated by supervisors or co-workers. You are supposed to be able to do your job freely and without harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious problem in workplaces all throughout California.

Ways emails can be viewed as sexual harassment at work

When you arrive at work each day in El Segundo, you aren't thinking that you will be the victim of sexual harassment. It's usually not at the front of our minds, but it is something that you should think about every so often. Even though there are laws in place to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, it still happens today. Some harassment even occurs in the form of an email.

How should I react to unwanted sexual advances at work?

When you are in the work environment, you should feel comfortable around other employees and your managers. This means that in theory, all behavior should be kept strictly professional. However, this line can become blurred, since very often friendships arise in the workplace, as well as consensual relationships.

How to fight against sexual harassment at work

Even with state and federal laws in place to deter sexual harassment at work, some people cross the line. If you're the victim, you need to understand your legal rights and the steps you can take to immediately bring an end to the other person's behavior.

Southern California college employee files sexual harassment suit

An official at Marymount California University contends she was put on administrative leave because she denied the advances of the former school president, and she has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment.

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