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4 essential tips for dealing with workplace discrimination

Facing discrimination at your workplace can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. It can also hinder your ability to perform optimally and obstruct career advancement opportunities. Understandably, you may contemplate quitting your job in the face of such absurdity and look for an alternative. However, staying put and fighting back can also be a strategic choice.

First, assess the situation to have a better picture. Take a good look at what’s happening within your organization. Is it an isolated incident or persistently occurring? Is it something bigger affecting many people at work? Understanding this can help determine your next steps.

1. Prioritize your well-being

Seeking help and support from social circles or support groups can make a significant difference if you ever feel overwhelmed. Talking to people you trust can provide guidance and solidarity, making it easier to handle the hardships you may be facing.

2. Document everything

It is crucial to document everything related to the discrimination you are experiencing. Record any incidents in detail – time, date, witnesses present and other relevant information. Do not forget to keep copies of any communication on the same. These records can serve as key evidence down the road.

3. Explore internal avenues

Consider following your organization’s protocols or resources to address workplace discrimination before looking into other options. Reporting harassment incidents to HR or higher management is the norm in most places. Sometimes, internal investigations can lead to positive changes within the workplace.

4. Assert your legal rights

If the discrimination persists and internal solutions don’t bring about change, it may be time to take further action. Remember, the law is on your side — workplace discrimination is illegal at both state and federal levels. Seeking legal guidance can help you take informed action and explore the avenues to protect your rights. 

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