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IMAX fires attorney, attorney claims age and race discrimination

IMAX, the popular entertainment technology company, recently fired a woman who worked with the company’s legal department. The attorney handled distribution agreements for projects with major companies, including those with Paramount, Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers.

Was the firing a pattern of age discrimination?

The woman argues her firing was not an isolated event. Instead, she states the group began firing older workers in 2017 to help “make the company younger.” Once they began firing older workers, they increased her workload to make up for the difference. She states her superiors also expected her to train junior attorneys. Attorneys she claims were not well trained or qualified for the position, but instead hired because of family connections.

Does she have evidence to support her claim?

In January, the attorney states IMAX fired her from her position shortly after taking leave to care for her ailing mother. Since getting fired, she has filed a wrongful termination and retaliation lawsuit against the company for race and age discrimination. She states the company fired her because they were looking to get younger, less expensive employees and that this was their justification for the firing.

If she is able to support her claim, she will likely have a successful case. It is against both state and federal laws to terminate a worker based on their age or race. Evidence that can help in these types of cases include interviews with witnesses, other workers and management as well as a review of the company’s records. If successful, she could receive back pay, reinstatement to her position as well as attorneys’ expenses and the potential for additional payment to cover emotional distress.

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