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Signs of retaliation in the workplace

Employees across California and the rest of the country are protected from employer retaliation. This means that you are able to file a complaint against someone in your office with human resources or against your employer with a federal agency and not have to worry about retaliation. The sad fact of the matter is that employers still retaliate against their employees today. Here are some signs of retaliation to be on the lookout for if you file a complaint.

Have you been reassigned? If you are reassigned to a different shift or even a different job or department, you are likely the victim of retaliation if this came after filing a complaint or blowing the whistle. Being demoted, so that your pay is lower, is also retaliation.

Have your hours been cut? If you are an hourly employee and suddenly you are scheduled for only 20 hours per week instead of your normal 40 or more, your employer is retaliating against you for your complaint.

Has the workplace become hostile towards you? For example, maybe you are facing a lot of harassment or bullying from co-workers or management and it has started after your complaint was filed. This is blatant retaliation for your actions.

Were you about to be granted a raise or a promotion? Did you get passed over for either of these? If so, you could be a victim of workplace retaliation because of the complaint you filed or the issues you brought to light.

If you have witnessed or been the victim of any of these signs, it means that you might have been retaliated against by your employer. Make sure you document each time you are a victim of retaliation so it can be brought to the proper authorities.

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