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How to prove you are suffering from wage discrimination

Wage discrimination is a serious problem facing many people in California. Even though laws are in place that protect workers from all forms of discrimination, employers still try to pay their employees different wages for different reasons other than their qualifications or experience level. Today, we will discuss how you can prove you are the victim of wage discrimination.

How employers can track your hours worked

Tracking hours worked is a task that many employees wind up having to do when it should be the employer who handles it. Why? Employers are required to track the hours worked by their employees, so they make the appropriate payments, including overtime payments to employees who are eligible. Let's take a look at how employers can track your hours.

Enforcing minimum wage rights in California

If you are a worker in California, it is likely that you will have the right to be paid the state minimum wage. There are some exceptions to having the right to minimum wage. For example, you are not subject to the minimum wage law if you are the parent, spouse or child of your employer, if you are an apprentice employed under the State Division of Apprentice Standards or if you are an outside salesperson.

Should I pursue a class action lawsuit for unpaid overtime?

All employees in the state of California have the right to be paid overtime if they are eligible under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). However, many employers fall short on payment responsibilities regarding their employees. Some employees are owed months or even years of unpaid overtime, which in some cases can amount to thousands of dollars.

What can’t employers deduct from your paycheck?

Among the things that can cut into how much money a worker takes home are deductions. There are a range of deductions workers could find taken from their paychecks by their employer. Take, for example, a deduction pretty much all workers are familiar with, deductions for taxes.

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