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Common examples of unlawful retaliation by an employer

If you ever find yourself reporting an unethical or illegal action in the workplace, you are protected under federal whistleblower laws. This means that your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you in any way. Today, we will discuss the most common forms of employer retaliation employees experience in California.

Federal employment laws that protect employees

The federal government has many laws in place that protect employees while on the job in California and the rest of the country. It's important for you to learn these laws, the protections they offer and how you can exercise your rights when an incident or violation occurs. Let's take a brief look at eight important federal employment laws in today's post.

Understanding class action lawsuits for wage violations

If you believe that you have been underpaid by your employer, you may feel that you are in a David and Goliath situation, where you feel powerless to stand up to your employer. You may feel that it is not worth the financial investment and stress to take legal action against your employer for a relatively small amount of money.

Negotiating severance pay in California

If you have recently had your employment terminated in the state of California, it is likely that you will be feeling quite shocked and worried about your future. It is common for employers to disregard the rights of their employees during the process of employment termination, whether intentionally or intentionally. This is why it is important that you familiarize yourself on your rights to seek and negotiate severance pay.

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