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Demotion can be an act of retaliation

Being informed that you have been demoted at your place of employment can be overwhelming. You likely weren't expecting to hear this news and want to know what went wrong. However, every demotion might not be legitimate. You might have been demoted as retaliation by your supervisor and not because of your work performance.

Signs of retaliation in the workplace

Employees across California and the rest of the country are protected from employer retaliation. This means that you are able to file a complaint against someone in your office with human resources or against your employer with a federal agency and not have to worry about retaliation. The sad fact of the matter is that employers still retaliate against their employees today. Here are some signs of retaliation to be on the lookout for if you file a complaint.

The most common types of workplace retaliation

So many people fail to take action when they are retaliated against at work. This is often because they are worried about not being successful or about suffering even more through employer retaliation. If more employees took the time to learn about the ways that they are protected under the law in the state of California, it is likely that there would be many more successful employment retaliation claims.

Why do employers retaliate against their workers?

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines retaliation as any type of punishment that a job applicant or employee faces for voicing their desire not be harassed or discriminated against. According to the EEOC, although retaliation is illegal, it's the primary form of discrimination that those working in the federal sector endure.

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